You may not realize it yet but you may not be able to take Omega 3 capsules for much longer.

If you understand the health benefits of taking Omega 3 fish oil supplements, and if you take those supplements or intend to, then you’d be forgiven for assuming that you could continue to take them as long as you want.


Yes unfortunately it’s true. Actions proposed by the FDA, with the support of the pharmaceutical industry, potentially mean that virtually all nutritional supplements, including Omega 3 supplements, may well become illegal and will be taken off the market.FDA and Omega 3

It is complex, and rather than describe the entire process to you, which we confess we don’t fully understand yet, we suggest you read this page, (below). It’s long, but take the time to read it all, and particularly if you live in the US, go to the bottom of that page and take action.

Here’s the page to read, make sure you read it all.  CLICK RIGHT HERE TO READ MORE

This is crucial. The pharmaceutical industry is trying to protect its profits, with the support of the FDA, by taking away the right of nutritional supplement manufacturers to market their products. And thereby taking away your right to buy them.

So if you want to take Omega 3 supplements for the rest of your life, as we do, your voice must be heard.


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