It seems that Omega 3 fats are good for all sorts of things. Fish oil and skin health go together too.

Lately we’ve talked about all sorts of serious health concerns that can be improved by increasing your intake of Omega 3 fish oil. Skin is no exception.

Whilst skin conditions and skin health aren’t a life threatening issue, there are probably as many people interested in keeping their skin looking good as there are about any other health issue. Skin care is big business and skin aging, and skin conditions like wrinkles, lines around the mouth and eyes and skin sagging are serious concerns to so many, particularly women.

Skin is just like the rest of our body. It needs good polyunsaturated fats just like our heart does, and it responds to an increase in good fats and a decrease in bad fats in our diet by getting more and more healthy and looking better.

Most people who start taking fish oil supplements do so for reasons unconnected to skin health. However there is a tendency for many people who start taking fish oil supplements to report an improvement in specific skin conditions that they might have, as well as an improvement in the look and feel of their skin too.

And it’s not only skin. Whilst it’s clear that fish oil for good skin does indeed work, fish oil is also good for your nails and hair. Users of high quality fish oil supplements routinely report improvements in nails and hair.Fish Oil Skin

So why take fish oil for skin health? What does Omega 3 do for skin?

The skin has it’s own natural oils. It produces them itself, but can often suffer from a lack of oils. They can be stripped out by, for example, too much sun or wind or other factors. So people use moisturizers to retain skin moisture and reduce oil loss.

Omega 3 fats are similar to the skins natural oils and help the skin produce more.

Not only that but Omega 3 is also an excellent anti inflammatory. Many skin conditions are characterized by inflammation and so anything that helps reduce this is good for the skin. Fish oil has been shown to be an even more effective anti inflammatory than aspirin, and has no serious health side effects. Reducing skin inflammation is an excellent way to improve skin health and reduce specific skin problems.

Many skin experts are now prescribing a dose of fish oil for skin health each day. Of course that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also be using quality skin care products, you should be doing both.

There’s excellent health reasons to be taking Omega 3 supplementsĀ for general health and everyone should now be doing so. Whilst skin health is important the health and heart benefits of daily Omega 3 supplements are vital, and reason enough to be adding a serious dose of fish oil to your daily diet.

But if your skin, and your nails and your hair are also going to benefit then there’s just more reasons to get healthier and feel better, and look better.

Remember your fish oil. Skin loves it and your whole body loves it. Take quality fish oil for good skin health and overall health.

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