Should you be looking to locate the best fish oil supplements by price?

Lets say right at the outset, price is NOT the measure of the best fish oil supplements, and we are not advocates of buying your fish oil pills on price alone. Like everything, cheapest is not always best.

However that doesn’t mean that the price of your Omega 3 capsules doesn’t matter when it comes to buying your supplements. Not everyone can spend up big on buying supplements, especially if you have a family, and also considering that taking your Omega 3 capsules is for life.

Price still plays a big part.

If you’d like to find out how to compare fish oil supplements by quality read our article about ourĀ preferred fish oil supplements.

The most important things when looking to find the best high quality fish oil capsules are the amount of DHA in your fish oil pills, and the cleanliness, or lack of contaminants in your fish oils.

The amount of DHA in various brands of capsules varies considerably, as you will see below, so whilst most capsules will be 1000 mg of fish oil, that doesn’t mean thatĀ  you are getting 1000 mg of DHA. And it’s the DHA (along with EPA) that you want in your diet.

So to find out what is the best omega 3 fish oil supplements by price the first thing you need to do is to find out how much DHA is in there. Because that’s what you’re paying for.

You can only compare price when you know what you’re buying.

As you’ll know from reading this website, we very strongly believe that the Omega 3 supplements from Xtend Life are the best brand of fish oil capsules on the market. They have an extremely potent mix of Omega 3 fatty acids, they show better anti inflammatory properties, and they have more than twice as much DHA in them as most other brands.

But lets do a price comparison between these capsules and some other well known brands.

Here’s a price comparison. It’s not just comparing the price of one capsule against anther, it’s comparing the price of the DHA that you’re getting from your capsules. Because as we say, it’s the DHA that you’re buying, the rest doesn’t matter that much, it’s just what the DHA comes in.

It’s a value for money comparison, rather than just a price comparison. Note that the prices for the sake of comparison are in $US, these do, of course, vary with exchange rates from time to time so won’t be exact, but will be sufficient for the purposes of the comparison.

Brand Name % DHA Per Capsule Total DHA/Bottle Cost/Bottle ($US) Cost/Gram DHA
Xtend-Life Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil 28% 17,400 $16.85 .97 cents
Nature Made Omega 3 Max strength 14% 14,400 $19.99 $1.38
Omega 3 PGFO 20% 18,000 $23.75 $1.32
Ultramarine Omega 3 10% 9,000 $12.95 $1.44
Coromega 23% 20,700 $39.95 $1.92
ProOmega (Nordic Naturals) 23% 13,500 $26.95 $2.00
Dr Sears Omega RX 20% 12,000 $26.95 $2.25
Salmon Oil Plus 16% 14,400 $33.50 $2.33
Dr Weils Omega 3 complex 17% 10,020 $34.99 $3.50
Living Fuel Omega 3 & E 8% 9,600 $34.97 $3.64
Iceland Health Max strength Omega 3 20% 6,000 $49.95 $8.32

There you have your value comparison based on price per gram of DHA. Find out why we consider, apart from price, the fish oil supplements from Xtend Life to be the best.

Not only are the Xtend Life Omega 3 capsules the best Omega 3 supplements generally, they also come out, on a value comparison, to be the best value. In other words the cheapest comparing what you’re buying, and it’s DHA that you’re buying.

And they come out as the best fish oil supplements on all the other considerations as well. You can see why we recommend those supplements above all others.

Now we’re sure that if you search high and low you’ll probably come up with a brand of fish oil capsules that come out cheaper per gram of DHA than 97 cents. You may not, but they’re probably out there.

But we would suggest again that price ISN’T the best measure of comparison between the different fish oil capsules. Don’t decide on the best brand of fish oil on price alone, or you could be doing your health a disservice.

(Please note that the data for the basis of the comparison comes from the respective websites as shown in August 2009.)

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