Yes that’s right, there is a dark secret to the fish oil supplements industry.

Taking fish oil supplements is good for your health right? Not necessarily. Read on to find out why.

Not that the Omega 3 fatty acids are bad for you, in fact quite the opposite, the Omega 3 fats are extremely important to good health. But that doesn’t mean that all Omega 3 supplements are good for you. Why?

First let us say that the best Omega 3 supplements are extremely high quality and are also extremely good for your health. But perhaps not all are. Keep reading.

Fish are contaminated.

You see it goes like this. Fish oil supplements, obviously, contain fish oil, and equally obviously this comes from fish. Unfortunately fish, some in particular, have been contaminated by various chemical toxins.

This is not the fault of the fish, it’s our fault. Human beings have polluted their environment, including the oceans, for a long time. Gradually this pollution is working its way into many living things, including fish.Shocking truth of fish oil supplements

PCBs and Mercury are just two of the contaminants that are now found in fish, and which you do not want to be found in you.

It’s sad but when you eat fish you now run the risk of eating small amounts of these contaminants. As a result of our farming and industrial processes we have allowed sufficient toxic chemicals to leach into the oceans, and we are now getting them back when we eat fish.

In fact the FDA warns us about this

And for this reason the FDA now issues warnings about eating contaminated fish. Here is an example of an FDA warning about Mercury contamination in fish. Note the statement “nearly all fish and shellfish contain traces of mercury”.

For more information about specific mercury warnings read that page in full, particularly if you’re a pregnant woman. There are various warnings there about how much of specific types of fish you should eat because of contamination by Mercury, and specific warnings for pregnant women.

So the obvious conclusion to draw is that if fish are contaminated with toxins such as PCBs and Mercury then surely fish oil supplements made with oil from fish are equally contaminated.

And for this reason there are now excellent decontamination processes available to manufacturers of supplements to decontaminate the fish oil that may be used in their supplements.

Are fish oil supplements contaminated?

Despite this however some tests of various brands of fish oil supplements have shown PCB contamination. PCBs are a pernicious chemical linked to birth defects and cancer.

In 2010 a suit was filed against 8 manufacturers of fish oil products alleging that they have violated proposition 65 in the state of California which requires manufacturers to warn consumers of toxins which may be found in their products beyond various limits. The suit alleges a failure to warn.

This is concerning indeed, people take Omega 3 supplements to get healthier, not to ingest toxins.

Of course this isn’t to say that all fish oil supplements are contaminated, far from it. There are excellent fish oil supplements available which are not contaminated, however anyone looking to take supplements needs to satisfy themselves before buying any particular supplements that those they are buying are safe to take.

The purity of the fish oil in the capsules is an extremely important consideration.

There’s a simple way of telling whether fish oil supplements you may be thinking of buying are clean. We won’t go over that now as we’ve done so before and you can read our discussion of how to determine the purity of your fish oil supplements on our page about fish oil purity.

Suffice to say, you should be aware that there is a dark secret to the fish oil supplements industry. There are supplements which have been found to be contaminated with PCBs, there are lawsuits about it, and as an educated consumer you should know about it.

So read our page about fish oil purity and find out how to source clean fish oil supplements that improve your health and which don’t contain PCBs or any other industrial toxins.

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