The issue of PCBs in fish oil supplements is in the news at the moment. So how do you know if your Omega 3 supplements are free of PCBs?

PCBs in fish oil supplements is a serious issue, particularly as so many of us are now beginning to understand the health benefits of increasing the amount of Omega 3 essential fatty acids in our diet. Whilst the American Heart Association tells us to do that it also warns us of PCB levels in fish. And therefore the possibility of PCBs in fish oil supplements.

And PCB contamination of fish, and fish oil supplements, has been in the forefront of the news lately.

So we thought we’d do a short video showing you how to find out a bit more about the possible contamination of Omega 3 supplements with PCBs.

It’s not easy to tell if there are industrial toxins in fish oil capsules. But there are ways forĀ  you to be more confident in the quality and safety of the Omega 3 capsules that you may be buying. We show you one of these ways.

(Tips for playing the video. For better quality click the small box on the bottom right for whole screen. Use ESC to escape full screen).

When you’re buying your fish oil supplements it pays to be careful. Take your time reviewing the information on any website that sells Omega 3 capsules, your decision is an important one.

You shouldn’t risk taking PCBs with your breakfast fish oil capsules.

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