Supplying Omega 3 for kids is very important. But how do you get them taking those capsules?

More and more adults are beginning to understand the importance of taking fish oil supplements containing the important essential fatty acids, known as Omega 3. Kids need Omega3 in their diet as well, however there are sometimes issues getting kids to take those capsules.

Today we want to consider consider fish oil for children, and in particular how to get kids to take fish oil capsules.

Science has clearly demonstrated over the last couple of decades that the essential fatty acids DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) are extremely important to our diet and our health and that most of us are lacking in these fatty acids because we’re eating less fish and the principal source of these fats is fish oil. Children too need more Omega3 fats in their diet.Omega 3 for kids

Evidence is showing that right from conception, and in particular in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, Omega3 fats, and in particular DHA, are extremely important for the development of the fetus, and in particular the brain.

The same applies during childhood. An essential component of the diet for young children is the essential fatty acids called Omega3. Kids develop better and do better at school with an adequate supply of Omega3 essential fatty acids in the diet according to the studies.

But supplying fish oil for children in their diet isn’t necessarily easy. When they are young they are unable to take capsules, and so we suggest opening each fish oil capsule and pouring the oil onto their food.

However at a certain age you should be teaching your kids to take fish oil capsules. Here’s some tips on how you can help your kids learn to take fish oil capsules.

It’s much easier for them to swallow capsules if they do so with a liquid to help. However a thin liquid such as water or milk is not as effective as a thicker liquid, for example a smoothie.

If you give them a big gulp of a liquid such as a smoothie this will help them swallow the capsule. It also helps if you place the capsule on the back of the tongue, lengthways so that the point is facing down the throat.

Make sure that they are sitting up straight, and they should hold their head horizontally because tipping too far forward or back narrows the throat.

There is now little doubt that all of us need Omega3, kids being no exception. Initially opening the capsules and pouring the oil on their food works fine, but at a certain age you will need to start training them to take their own fish oil pills. Try it and if it doesn’t work try it again in year or so. Eventually they’ll learn.

Follow the instructions above and you should be able to help your children learn how to take Omega3 capsules relatively effortlessly. Providing fish oil for kids is important to their general health and development, and you need to do everything to ensure that taking their Omega3 is as easy as possible.

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