There is a clear Omega 3 depression link. Whether Omega 3 cures depression or Bipolar is not entirely clear, but it may well help a lot.

As anyone who has depression will tell you, it’s the worst thing that can happen to you. It puts you on a merry go round of ups and downs, and may well bankrupt you with the cost of all the pharmaceuticals you may well be prescribed.

Does something as simple as Omega 3 help depression? There are now Omega 3 depression studies that are saying it does. In fact there are a number of studies showing that levels of Omega 3 and depression are linked.

As with all these things the link between Omega3 and depression are not yet fully proven, but there is sufficient evidence to strongly suggest that for those suffering from depression taking Omega 3 fish oil supplements may well be worthwhile. At the very least they are very good for many other areas of your overallĀ  health.

The evidence is strong. To quote some of the findings of a recent study:Omega 3 and Depression

“There appears to be a plausible link between rates of seafood consumption and rates of both depression and Bipolar Disorder, with lower seafood consumption being linked to higher rates of depression and Bipolar Disorder.”

And: ” Omega-3 supplementation may have an antidepressant role”.

Work is continually being done on the use of Omega 3 for depression. There are still many more areas to be studied, such as the ratios between Omega 3 fats and Omega 6 fats, and in particular the link between Omega 3 and specific disorders, such as Bipolar Disorder.

It was in the 1990s that studies started to pinpoint a link between depression and Omega 3 fatty acid intake. Studies started to notice a negative correlation between seafood intake and rates of depression. As seafood intake increased rates of depression were lower and vice versa. It seemed that in societies where consumption of seafood was low there was a higher rate of depression.

Unfortunately it takes a long time to establish a link that is sufficiently fully proven. Studies are still underway, and as the results are published more specific recommendations will emerge about what doses of Omega 3 fats to be taken for depression and how an increase in Omega fats will affect current intake of various pharmaceuticals.

However from the evidence now available it would seem for anyone who does suffer from depression there is a powerful reason to be taking daily Omega 3 capsules.

Not only is there a good possibility that they may help your depression, but they are good for your health generally. Omega for depression is an emerging area of study, but there are now clear links between the intake of Omega 3 fats and a reduction in a wide range of health problems, such as heart related health problems.

So if you suffer from depression trying Omega 3 capsules may be one of the best things you could do.

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