A new study suggests that Omega 3 causes prostate cancer. But is it proven?

In the past we’ve reported that studies suggesting that more omega 3 fish oil well be good for your prostate, either by helping reduce the risk of prostate cancer or possibly slowing the rate of prostate cancer growth.

And if you’d like to read more about the studies you can do so here.omega 3 and prostate cancer

Disconcertingly, new evidence is now suggesting the contrary, that higher levels of Omega 3 in your system may well increase the risk of prostate cancer.

There is an obvious contradiction there, and in fact the new studies have come under heavy criticism of late.

We are not medically qualified and so cannot discuss the specific scientific backgrounds of these new studies. What we can say is that there is significant criticism of the studies suggesting that whilst the studies found that men suffering from prostate cancer had higher levels of Omega3 in the blood they haven’t proven that it was the Omega3 which caused the prostate cancer.

And clearly if there is no link between the level of Omega 3 in the blood and the instance of prostate cancer than those who take omega 3 fish oil supplements do not need to worry that they are increasing their risk of prostate cancer.

Of course if there is a correlation between levels of Omega 3 in the blood and prostate cancer then further studies are needed to establish whether or not it was actually those levels of Omega 3 that caused the cancer.

So today we merely alerting you to the debate, so that you can, if you’re interested, follow along as the debate hots up.

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