Fish are dying. Why, and how does it affect you, (and your Omega three capsules)?

You may, or may not have noticed recently that there is a phenomena occurring off the eastern shore of the US. And it may be of concern to anyone who takes their Omega three capsules.

You see there are millions of fish dying all along the east coast of the US. If this comes as news to you spend a little time on Google and find out a little more.

What is killing these fish and what does this have to do with anyone who takes their Omega three capsules?

The answer to the first question is that nobody is 100% sure what is killing the fish. Like everything there are plenty of theories, but no one is exactly sure.

Is it natural? Is it man made? Who knows. But it is a little scary that the seagulls are refusing to eat the fish. Do they know something that we don’t?

However it does seem a little coincidental that over the last few weeks, since the Gulf oil spill began, there has been much publicity about the use of Corexit to disperse the oil. And there is serious doubt about whether or not we should be putting Corexit in the sea at all.

There is evidence that the use of Corexit may well be seriously harmful to sea creatures. That in itself is a little worrying however it is also clear that Corexit doesn’t make the oil go away. What it does is break it up into very small pieces so that it disperses in the ocean rather than washing onto the shore.

Is it Corexit killing the fish? Is it the oil itself doing so? No one seems to know, though it does seem coincidental that this fish kill comes right after the worst oil spill in history and use of a highly questionable chemical to disperse it.

But what does this have to do with people taking Omega three capsules? In fact it raises some serious issues for anyone taking fish oil capsules unless they know exactly where the fish is caught from which the oil is extracted.

You see a lot of fish used for extraction of the oil for the purposes of use in Omega three capsules are caught in the waters between Europe and America. Now have a look at an image that shows you how the Gulfstream shall transport both the oil and the Corexit over time right into the waters of the North Atlantic.Dead fish and Omega three capsules

We have written extensively about the risks of contamination in fish and fish oil used in Omega three capsules. However this poses even more questions.

Do you think it’s likely that oil taken from fish caught between Europe and America will be tested for Corexit? No we don’t think so either. And if you’re taking Omega three supplements which source their oil from fish caught in this region you may well be eating Corexit, or oil residue.

Personally we prefer to take fish oil capsules which use oil from fish caught way down in the Southern Ocean south of New Zealand. There is no oil spill, or Corexit there. To see which we prefer click the banner on the right.

So if you don’t know where the fish comes from that is used for the extraction of oil that goes into your Omega three capsules maybe it’s time to do a little research on the source of the fish that provide the fish oil for use in the capsules that you take.

There’s no reason why you can’t email the company that makes your supplements and ask them the question. There’s absolutely no reason why you, as a customer or potential customer, can’t ask any question you want to about their products.

And if they won’t tell you where their fish, or fish oil comes from, then we, for one, would run a mile.

And if they do answer, and their fish comes from the Atlantic Ocean, then we wouldn’t be too keen on that either.

(Oh, here’s what we take. Completely safe)



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