Are carrots good for eyes? Probably not. But taking more Omega 3 in your diet will definitely be good for your eyes

Are carrots good for your eyes? Is it a myth or is it true? Whilst some consider it a myth that carrots are good for the eyes, it is now being shown that getting more Omega3 essential fatty acids in your diet is certainly good for the eyes.

We have already discussed the importance of increasing your daily intake of the Omega3 essential fatty acids DHA,(docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) to help prevent macular degeneration, the leading source of blindness in our older people. A new study by Dr. Mike Sapieha, a neurobiochemist and Harvard researcher of the Maisonneuve Rosemont Hospital Research Centre of the University of Montréal has demonstrated that the Omega3 essential fatty acids may well help reduce your risk of loss of vision and blindness more generally.

And of course your eyesight is one of the most important of all your senses. And the loss of your eyesight can be catastrophic, so protecting it is very important.

(To read the study click here, note that the original version will be in French. Google translate should help if you wish to read it in English.)

Whilst it may be a myth that carrots are good for the eyes it seems clear from a number of studies that you ought to be taking Omega3 essential fatty acids in your diet for the sake of your eyes, along with many other health conditions which seem to be becoming more prevalent in our society.Are carrots good for the eyes

One of the causes of loss of vision and blindness is the growth of wild blood vessels in the eye that can damage the retina. This can affect the vision of people from babies right through to the elderly and including those who are suffering from diabetes, and is considered by some to be the major cause of blindness and loss of vision.

In the study mice were fed an Omega3 rich diet, and the result was a reduction in the growth of wild blood vessels of around 50 percent. Further studies are now being undertaken with people with the use of Omega3 supplements.

Whether carrots are good for eyes is debatable, but it is becoming clear that for a wide range of reasons everyone should be supplementing their diet with more of the Omega3 essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, including to help protect the health of your eyes.

How to do this is another question. Everyone can eat more fish of course, however fish is getting much more expensive, and much fish is contaminated with industrial toxins and our government tells us not to eat too much because of this. Or you can take fish oil supplements each day, which the authors of this website do. But you still need to be careful when choosing your supplements.

So remember, there are few benefits from eating carrots for your eyes. Carrots don’t do very much, but increasing your intake of the essential fatty acids every day will, and it will also improve a wide range of other areas of your health as well. To find out more about the other health conditions which may be positively impacted by taking fish oil supplements browse our categories on the right.


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