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There are clear health reasons why you should be taking fish oil. Cancer sufferers have even more reasons for Omega 3 supplementation.

The scientific evidence linking fish oil intake with improvements in various types of cancers is increasing. There is now good evidence that anyone suffering from cancer should be taking Omega 3 supplements containing fish oil. Cancer sufferers can benefit in a number of areas from Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation.

For instance research in Scotland has found a clear link between increasing your intake of fish oil and bowel cancer risk reduction. The Scottish study examined whether there was a relationship between increasing the intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and a reduced risk of colon cancer. The results were that increasing Omega 3 fish oil intake could result in a reduced risk of colon cancer by up to 37 percent.

There is also an emerging Omega 3 and breast cancer link. Researchers from Indiana University have found that it is possible to reduce the growth of breast cancer cells by a combination of Omega 3 fatty acid intake together with a drug called Propofol. Research published in the Journal of Breast Cancer Research suggested that this combination actually triggered some of the cancer cells to die spontaneously.

Another study undertaken in the National Cancer Centre in South Korea found that increased intake of Omega 3 fats can decrease the risk of breast cancer.   The conclusion of this study was, and we quote,”These results suggest that high consumption of fatty fish is associated with a reduced risk for breast cancer, and that the intake of ω-3 fatty acids from fish is inversely associated with postmenopausal breast cancer risk.”
Fish Oil and Cancer

On top of this it would seem that there is also an Omega 3 prostate cancer link. Studies are also showing a link between Omega 3 essential fatty acid intake and prostate cancer reduction.

In fact there is a range of studies showing a fish oil cancer reduction link for a range of different cancers. Whilst in most cases it is probably too early to say that it is clearly shown that increasing your intake of fish oil can prevent or reduce the risk of some cancers there is no doubt that there is growing evidence linking increased omega 3 intake with a reduction in the risk of cancer.

It has long been known that better nutrition lowers the risk of certain cancers and it is also known that Omega 3 essential fatty acids found in fish are extremely important for our good overall health. It would therefore make sense that by increasing our level of good nutrition by increasing our intake of Omega3 fats we may well be able to reduce our risk of a number of cancers. And it is known that the average American has a diet way too low in the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Whilst it is probably too early to state specifically that increasing your intake of Omega3 fats will lower your risk of cancer there is now clear evidence that for a range of other health reasons we should all be eating more fish, which in itself brings risks to our health because of chemical contamination of fish, or supplementing our diet with fish oil supplements every day. Whether or not our risk of cancer is reduced our general health, including our heart health will certainly be improved.

But of course research is ongoing in this very important area of our health.

But whilst researchers have been studying fish oil and cancer reduction, others have been studying reduction in the risk of cancer from other natural substances. There is now also growing evidence that natural substances such as lycopene which is an ingredient of tomatoes also has a role in helping us prevent certain cancers. We quote from one of these studies, which says : “Numerous studies have demonstrated the anticancer activity of the tomato carotenoid, lycopene”.

Specifically there is now evidence that increasing the intake of lycopene can have a role in helping reduce the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Along with very good scientists who study these things there is also some excellent health companies that are able to take the results of this research to produce products that take advantage of the health benefits of ingredients such as lycopene. It’s now possible to buy fish oil supplements combining these 2 natural ingredients, both of which are proving to be very important in improving the health of our citizens.

Clearly there are good reasons for all of us, unless we eat lots of fish, to supplement our diets with fish oil. There’s a huge range of reasons why we should all seriously consider reversing our inadequate intake of fish oil. Cancer sufferers also have powerful reasons for Omega 3 supplementation, and in particular now using high quality Omega3 supplements which include lycopene as an active ingredient.

If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about fish oil and cancer, or just about fish oil and health improvements generally, we invite you to spend some time reading our website where you will find out lots more about most of the specific health improvements that you should experience if you increase your daily intake of omega 3 essential fats.

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There’s a new premium Omega 3 supplement available on first release. Not only does it have implications for your better health, but also for your skin.

Super omega 3. Ever heard of it? From time to time you may see references to super Omega 3. Some Omega 3 products call themselves “super”. However it’s not that easy to know exactly what super Omega 3 is.

It would seem reasonable to assume that anything that is supposed to be “super” Omega 3 has to be better than regular Omega 3 capsules.

If that’s the case then the Omega3 capsules from Xtend Life, having up to 2 1/2 times more active ingredient (DHA) than “regular” Omega 3 capsules certainly qualify. However Xtend Life have now introduced a new premium Omega3 capsule that is even better than their regular Omega 3 supplements.

Have a look at the new premium Omega3 capsules from Xtend Life (to find out more see our banner on the right) and see why they are even better than their regular fish oil supplements, which until now have been the best on the market anyway.

Just about all women, as they age, are interested in anti aging skin care. Keeping yourself, and your skin, looking great right into old age is the goal of millions of American women, for good reason. Good looking skin is healthy skin.Premium Omega 3

And taking regular Omega 3 supplements is not only good for your general health but is also very good for your skin. The oils in Omega 3 supplements are very similar to the natural oils produced by your skin itself and keeping your skin hydrated and better moisturized by taking Omega 3 fatty acids is an important part of an overall skin care routine and is also very important to your general health as well.

(If you’re interested in the general health benefits of Omega 3 then there’s plenty of information here about those, just read some of the articles under the categories on the right.)

However Xtend Life has decided to increase the effectiveness of their Omega 3 supplements even more. Modern research is now uncovering a range of naturally occurring ingredients which have substantial benefits to the skin. An example of this is lycopene. You may have heard of lycopene before. It comes from tomatoes and cutting edge science is starting to discover that lycopene has a range of health giving properties. For example there is now evidence that increasing the intake of lycopene can help prevent prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

However it has also been found that lycopene has significant benefits to your skin. For a start it acts as a natural sunscreen, increasing your skin’s resistance to the effects of the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.

This helps prevent the incidence of what is known as photo-aging. Photo-aging is the technical name for the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation on your skin over time. The more you are exposed to UV radiation and in particular to sunburn the more damage is done to your skin, over time.

Science is now starting to discover that lycopene can help reverse some of the damaging effects of UV radiation on the skin, and can therefore reverse the effects of photo-aging.

Another ingredient in the new premium capsules containing omega3 as well as lycopene, is Astaxanthin. This is an antioxidant and you may have heard of it in relation to krill oil, as it is found in krill oil. Astaxanthin, according to the studies, has a wide range of health benefits, and in particular it also acts as a natural sunscreen and helps reverse the effects of photo-aging on your skin as well.

Xtend Life have now released their premium capsules containing Omega 3 essential fatty acids, again at about 2 1/2 times the concentration of DHA found in regular Omega 3 capsules, but which also contain lycopene and Astaxanthin. All of these ingredients have a wide range of health benefits but in particular all 3 have specific benefits to the health of your skin and help reduce the effects of sun damage on your skin, the most damaging cause of premature skin aging.

There are obvious reasons why women interested in the best anti aging skin care should be taking the premium Omega3 capsules rather than the regular capsules. But there are also a wide range of other health benefits which science is showing can also be obtained from increasing the amount of lycopene and Astaxanthin in the diet, including, for women, a reduction in the risk of breast cancer.

Modern science is doing an extremely effective job at isolating important substances naturally found in such sources as plants and establishing if they have any health benefits for us, and if so what they are. Lycopene, found in tomatoes, is a fine example.

And the best modern anti aging skin care companies are finding ways to incorporate these natural ingredients in a range of products offering us benefits for our health and for our skin.

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